NEW Cadillac Escalade PLATINUM Chrome 22 inch OEM Factory GM Spec WHEEL 5358

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Brand-NEW Factory-Spec Wheel Accepts Factory Center Cap


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This listing is for ONE (1) BRAND-NEW CHROME Cadillac WHEEL.

Again, NEW and NEVER-MOUNTED – First Quality and * PERFECT *.  Any deviation you think that you can see in it in these images is either glare or a reflection.  It is * FLAWLESS *.

The style is the rare and gorgeous Chrome Cadillac Escalade PLATINUM 22″ wheel.
This is the factory-option code S85 wheel also known by the identifier “DNF” that debuted in 2008 has been running since on the top-option package Escalade PLATINUM.

Again, this is an EXACT REPLACEMENT wheel for the Cadillac Escalade “PLATINUM EDITION” 22-inch wheel. Of course the factory cap fits perfectly in it and NOBODY can tell the difference between this and the dealer’s wheel at over $1300.00.  It will PERFECTLY replace your missing or damaged wheel, or SUPER for a full-sized spare.



How can we make such a claim?  Here’s how:  The original wheel from Cadillac is made strictly to a (limited) price point.   GM has had it’s financial challenges these past few years and has been squeezing value (and quality) wherever possible, including your original OEM Cadillac Escalade 22″ wheels.  Why are you reading this listing right now? Probably because one of yours is bent or even cracked.  How did that happen?  Because the original OEM Escalade 22″ wheels in this style are among the LOWEST quality wheels I’ve ever seen, that’s how that (usually) minor incident ruined your wheel.  So why does the Cadillac dealer get over $1300 for this wheel at his parts counter? Because there are 5 or even 6 layers of profit between the particular factory where your wheel was made, and your local dealer’s parts counter.
That all being said, we have been making OUR wheel in this same exact design for 2 years now, to a HIGHER Quality standard.  We have easily sold several thousand and have yet to hear one quality complaint. Not only is the chrome as-good or better than the OEM wheel, the wheel does NOT bend nor crack nearly as-easily.  We haven’t had one single quality issue yet!  And because you are dealing with the manufacturer – well, you can see the great value.
Better than OEM and at a great price. It’s that simple.

Center cap is shown for purposes of reference and is not included but you can have a Brand-NEW Genuine GM/Cadillac “color-logo” center cap still FACTORY-SEALED in the GM packaging, for just $59.

This wheel is very rare and usually very expensive – even used.  When they can even find them, junkyards get even more and theirs are in FAR worse condition!  But again – BE CLEAR and HAVE NO CONCERN – This wheel is perfect, Stunning, FLAWLESS and ABSOLUTELY Brand-NEW. You are going to be DELIGHTED with the QUALITY and SAVINGS.

If you follow my auctions – you know that I sell a lot of Cadillac wheels. Save many HUNDREDS of dollars off the Cadillac stealer er, dealer’s parts counter.

*** BUY FOUR and Make a SET ***

GREAT Style Upgrade – You Can Reuse Your Existing Tires
(and even your center caps if your vehicle is 2010 or newer)

This listing represents a phenomenal value and is a LIFESAVER if you need a replacement rim. That crazy Cadillac dealer wants over $1300.00 at his parts counter. Why pay retail?

Attention Body Shops or those in a Crisis/Need:

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