Reasons To Replace Your Rims

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When looking for new wheels for your car, it’s important that you choose OEM rims over aftermarket. OEM wheels offer a wide range of benefits that can greatly impact your vehicle for years to come. Some people are turned away from OEM wheels over aftermarket wheels due to the difference in price, but benefits that come with OEM wheels certainly outweigh all the issues that come with aftermarket wheels.

Benefits Of OEM Rims

  • Better Quality
  • Easier to Replace
  • Retains Vehicle Value

Better Quality

OEM Wheels are in a completely different class from aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket rims are produced to fit a wide range of vehicles. They’re made from low-quality metal to keep costs low and maximize profits. It’s possible that drivers with aftermarket wheels on their vehicles can experiences cracked or even totaled wheels from hitting a pothole. Aftermarket rims weren’t designed for one particular model, which makes them susceptible to breaking down easily or not properly functioning on a certain vehicle. OEM rims were designed and constructed to company specifications, making them the perfect fit for any vehicle. They’re also not massively produced as they’re made with better materials.

Easier To Replace

While aftermarket wheels are cheaper than OEM wheels, aftermarket wheels are harder to replace. Even though they’re mass produced, aftermarket rim companies will push out new designs and discontinue older ones after a few years. If one of your aftermarket rims breaks, it’s near impossible to find a new set in perfect condition, as the aftermarket company has most likely moved on. OEM rims, however, are made to fit models from a range of years. OEM wheels are more readily available, even if more aftermarket rims are made each year.

Retains Vehicle Value

A major downside of using aftermarket rims is the immediate decrease in vehicle value once they’re equipped. Even if you enjoy the aftermarket wheels on the vehicle, other car buyers might not. They may not even purchase the vehicle unless running on original wheels. This greatly impacts the buying market for your vehicle, making it difficult to sell it. OEM wheels are exact replicas of the originally manufactured wheels, thus causing the vehicle to retain its value, and open up the buying market to everyone.

OEM Rims are substantially better than aftermarket wheels for an insurmountable amount of reasons. It’s hard to not see the number of benefits OEM wheels have over aftermarket wheels. When looking for OEM rims for your car, make sure to visit OEM Wheels Direct. They offer the best prices on their wide range of products. If you’re looking for a specific OEM rim, OEM Wheels Direct has it. Visit OEM Wheels Direct to view their entire catalog of products today!

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