Where To Buy OEM Wheels?

Where To Buy OEM Wheels?

OEM wheels, sometimes (mistakenly) referred to as aftermarket wheels or factory reproduction wheels, are the savvy choice for wheels of at least equal standard to those that originally came with the car.

But… Yes, there’s always a but, this only applies when you purchase them from the correct source. Get it right and you get a high quality, durable, safety-tested, robust wheel. Get it wrong and you risk purchasing a considerably substandard product.

The following provides a definitive guide into where to purchase the best quality OEM wheels.

What You Need to Know About Buying OEM Wheels

·      OEM wheels: a quick overview

·      OEM aftermarket wheels vs. factory repros

OEM wheels: a quick overview

There’s an air of mystery surrounding OEM wheels. Many believe that they’re of a lesser standard than those originally supplied with the vehicle. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. What this means is the part—in this case, the wheel—has been produced by an external provider with, and this is the important bit, full support of the original company. This leads to a wheel that’s identical to the original and will fit without any type of modification. It will have undergone rigorous safety testing and quality control, very often superior to that that the original parts might have been subjected to.

There’s only one difference between OEM wheels and the originals—and that’s a slightly different stamp (usually by one letter) and that they’re usually supplied in plain packaging, rather than that of a particular manufacturer (such as Ford, VW, etc.)

OEM aftermarket wheels vs. factory repros

The term, factory repro, or factory reproduction, wheels is sometimes used interchangeably with the term OEM wheels. You might also hear them referred to as OEM aftermarket wheels, or simply, aftermarket wheels. However, these terms should be viewed with caution. They can often be synonymous with pattern parts, something that may or may not be of the high level you should demand of your wheels. The problem with pattern parts is that the quality control is not guaranteed, meaning that while some might be of an acceptable standard, others can be poor or even downright dangerous.  

The crucial point is that only OEM wheels are guaranteed to have been made to stringent safety standards. They offer the same or higher performance than original manufacturer wheels and provide the necessary peace of mind that they’re fit for purpose. Plus, they’ll fit your vehicle like a glove.

Many outlets profess to offer OEM wheels. However, it’s down to the purchaser to satisfy him or herself that the company isn’t using clever terminology designed to mislead.

To clarify, OEM wheels are:

  • Made with the full support of the original manufacturer

  • Guaranteed to perfectly fit your car—they match the exact specifications of the wheels that the car came with

  • Are stamped with the relevant manufacturer codes

  • Have the same or enhanced handling and performance

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