Where To Buy Factory Reproduction Wheels

Where To Buy Factory Reproduction Wheels

You only need to enter the phrase ‘factory reproduction wheels’ into a search engine to be inundated with results. These range from multiple adverts and a similar number of warning pages that list many (often mistakenly believed) perceived dangers of buying anything but wheels directly from a car manufacturer.

Purchasing factory reproduction wheels from the right source brings multiple benefits. These include a lower price and, in certain cases, wheels that are made to a higher standard than those you might get from prestige car manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.

The following looks at the reasons behind this, as well as the due diligence every vehicle owner should take to ensure they only purchase the best factory reproduction or OEM factory wheels.

Factory Reproduction Wheels: Debunking the myths

·      Factory reproduction wheels: the safety aspect

·      Factory reproduction wheels: resale value

·      Factory reproduction wheels vs. OEM factory wheels

Factory reproduction wheels: the safety aspect

The first thing to understand is that OEM factory reproduction wheels are produced by an independent supplier with the support of the original manufacturer. This means that they’re guaranteed to fit the car they’re designed for in the same way as the original OEM wheel. 

These reproductions must meet or exceed the same stringent safety standards of OEM wheels, and purchasers should ensure that the company that produces them includes a lifetime structural warranty against manufacturer defects. Such wheels have undergone rigorous safety testing (including side-impact, load, and radial testing) as well as having passed multiple quality control aspects. 

Quite simply, OEM factory repro wheels bought from the correct source are as good—or better—than the wheels fitted when a car is made.

Factory reproduction wheels: resale value

It’s a myth that having factory reproduction wheels on a car will lower its value. On the contrary, good quality OEM repros will enhance a car’s worth over one with original, scuffed, or damaged ones still in place.

Factory reproduction wheels vs. OEM factory wheels

There continues to be a misunderstanding about the difference between factory reproduction and OEM factory wheels, as many people use the names interchangeably. This is not strictly correct.

To clarify, the latter match the exact specifications of the wheels that came with your car. Such wheels are not replicas, nor are they fakes or counterfeits. They are stamped with the necessary manufacturer codes and safety standards and will fit your car without the need for any additional help (like wheel spacers or spigots). They have the same or enhanced aesthetics and provide the same or superior handling and performance.

A Word on Fakes and Counterfeits

·      The difference between factory reproduction wheels and fakes 

The difference between factory reproduction wheels and fakes

Now that we understand that OEM factory reproduction wheels undergo staunch safety testing and quality control we can easily define the difference between them and poor quality replica wheels. These are the ones you might hear referred to as fake or counterfeit. They’re also the type recounted in the many horror stories about catastrophic wheel failure issues. These fakes are nothing more than un-regulated copies of a factory wheel and should be avoided.

Purchasing OEM factory reproduction wheels from a dependable and regulated supplier means a product of comparable or higher quality than the original wheels that came with a car. Plus—and this is another huge advantage—they cost considerably less! So when you’re in the need for new wheels for your ride, OEM factory wheels are one of (if not the) most viable options. 

OEM Wheels Direct: The ultimate source for factory wheels

The search for high-quality factory and factory style wheels is over, with the largest global selection available in a single place—OEM Wheels Direct. With an easy to navigate website, free next day delivery, a staunch quality and safety guarantee, and offering wheels and related items at truly affordable prices, there’s no need to go anywhere else!  

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