Where To Buy Factory Reproduction Wheels

If you’ve been looking into buying some new wheels for your car, then look no further, Wheels Direct is a well-known provider of factory reproduction wheels for numerous car makes and models. 

Not only are our reproduction factory wheels less expensive than the original factory OEM wheels, but you are also buying safe, high-quality reproduction wheels from a well-trusted source. Our brand new first quality reproduction wheels are made to the same specifications as the original factory OEM wheels and are subjected to the same testing. 

When we have reproduction wheels made, we provide our manufacturer with a Factory OEM sample wheel. The manufacturer uses the sample to make a mold of the wheel in order to create an exact OEM replication. We sell many of these Brand New First Quality wheels to very satisfied customers. 

Many places sell reproduction wheels, but not all places are reputable dealers.

When we compare our replication wheels to any other seller – we strive to meet or exceed OEM Factory specifications. Most of our competition is only interested in price. Their wheels are lighter to save material at the expense of correct design (and possibly safety).

Wheels Direct has been selling factory reproduction wheels for over 20 years and has had over 100,000+ transactions. We have maintained a Positive Feedback rating of 100%. We are proud of how hard we work to have achieved the status of Top Rated PLUS Seller; the very highest honor only bestowed upon eBay’s very best and most-trusted merchants. We ensure that you get value for money and the best set of factory reproduction wheels possible.

The Main Difference Between Factory Reproduction and The Original Factory OEM Wheels:

It’s all well and good hearing about factory reproduction wheels, but you may well be wondering what the main difference is from the original factory OEM wheels. The main difference between factory reproduction wheels and original factory OEM wheels is that factory reproduction wheels are created by an independent manufacturer whereas factory OEM wheels are made by the car manufacturer. 

Are Reproduction Wheels Just As Good As The Original OEM Factory Wheels?

Yes, they can be, as long as you buy factory reproduction wheels from a reputable source, such as Wheels Direct. They manufacture the wheel to the exact specifications of the original factory OEM wheels. Choosing a provider that matches the exact specifications as the original OEM wheels is what makes reproduction wheels just as good. They are made to fit that particular model of vehicle the exact same way the original OEM wheels would fit. 

Made Up Your Mind?

If you’ve made up your mind that you want to get your hands on a set of factory reproduction wheels, then browse Wheels Direct’s website or contact us directly (954) 698-0681. Wheels Direct strives to make sure that all factory reproduction wheels are an exact OEM match made as close to OEM specifications, as possible. 

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