Wheel Maintenance Tips


Wheels undergo some of the heaviest abuse of the whole car, yet tend to be the area that receives the least TLC. However, keeping them looking pristine is a vital factor when it comes to the overall look of the vehicle. The following details everything you need to know to ensure your wheels don’t let the side down when it comes to the impressive good looks of your car.


Wheel maintenance 101

·      The importance of good wheel care

·      A word about wheel cleaners

The importance of good wheel care 

Wheels are subjected to a host of damage, from corrosive brake dust, grit, and salt, through to those teeth-gritting “curb” moments and defacement caused by stones or other road debris.

Then there’s the dreaded brake dust—your wheel’s greatest enemy… If allowed to languish on the wheels for an extended period it begins to etch into the surface, causing them to discolor, peel, and pit. This not only detracts from the aesthetics of the vehicle but also lowers its value. 

A word about wheel cleaners 

You only need to browse the shelves of Home Depot to be bamboozled by the number of different wheel cleaners on the market. But beware—all such products are not made equal… Strong chemicals may well eat through brake dust, but they also have a detrimental effect on the integrity of the wheels.

The best cleaners may cost a little more, but their pH-neutral attributes mean they neutralize the iron deposits that make up brake dust, clearing it away in gently and effectively.

Maintenance and cleaning: A step-by-step guide

·      How to clean your wheels

·      Other wheel maintenance tips

How to clean your wheels

The following is a guide to the most effective method to safely clean your wheels:

1.    Wheels should be cool before cleaning

2.    Use a large, soft sponge or, preferably, a soft fat paintbrush

3.    Have two buckets: one with your cleaning solution and one with clean warm water to rinse

4.    Work on one wheel at a time, soaking the wheel and working from top to bottom. Take your time, allowing the cleaner to do its work before rinsing thoroughly

5.    Dry the wheel immediately after cleaning

6.    Consider applying a protective coating. Some car waxes can also be applied to wheels and serve as additional protection against the elements.

Other wheel maintenance tips

Good wheel maintenance is more than simply keeping them clean. Savvy car owners take heed of the following to ensure their wheels remain in as-new condition for the longest amount of time possible.

  • Beware of car washes (both hand and automatic). Some use very harsh, acidic wheel cleaners that’ll ruin the shine of your wheels over time. 

  • Tire shine is also a concern. Petroleum-based products are damaging to the tires themselves if used frequently, and any that’s allowed to drip onto the wheels without being cleaned away will cause the metal to bleach.

  • When storing wheels be sure that they’re washed and dried before putting them away. Try to store them in the dry if possible, and if they’ve been used in the winter it’s essential that all salt and/or grit debris is removed.

  • It goes without saying, but take care when parking as nothing is worse than scuffs from scraping up against the curb.

  • Ensure you clean your wheels every 4-6 weeks at a minimum. In the winter, when there’s salt on the roads, it might be necessary to do this even more frequently.

There’s always the option of having a professional ceramic/quartz coating applied to wheels to further protect them. This is expensive, but for those who own high-end cars, it might be a consideration. 

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