What To Do When Your Rims Crack

Car wheels and tires tend to take the brunt of the force of road travel. Any damage sustained can cause the original rim to crack or break entirely. Rather than panic over the factory prices, OEM rims can be a sustainable replacement. Determining what to do in the event of damaged wheels will depend on how much or what kind of damage is sustained. Having a mechanic repair the wheels may be worth it if they are stock rims or OEM wheels, but aftermarket brand imitation wheels may need to be replaced.

How to Find Out If a Rim Is Cracked

Knowing a rim is cracked can be difficult if the drive isn’t aware of what to look for. For instance, if there is vibration in the steering wheel or generally decreased handling, there may be a crack in the rims. Driving on a cracked rim can be dangerous, as the rim can completely fall apart or cause the car to slide. It is recommended to pull over immediately when feeling a difference in the driving after running over a curb or pothole to see if there is a crack. Checking both the insides and outsides of the wheels for a crack is necessary to see if replacement rims are needed.

Rims can be cracked by driving over any steep changes in the road. This includes running over curbs or into potholes. Car accidents can also damage the rims even if the wheel does not come in contact. While avoiding running over these steep differences in elevation can protect rims from cracking, brake dust can stain rims permanently. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement rims may be necessary to preserve the safety or appearance of the wheels of a car.

Options for Cracked Wheel Rims

There are safe areas of the rims which can be repaired when cracked and unsafe areas. Small cracks of 1.5 inches or less on the back of the rim can be welded, but multiple or large cracks on the front are hazardous. A crack on the outsides of the rim is dangerous because it breaks the seal on the tire. Leaving rims cracked for long can result in lower mileage, difficult handling, and the potential for a tire blowout. This can not only be dangerous for the driver but also for anyone else on the road.

Replace Your Cracked Rim With An OEM Rim

When a rim is cracked it is usually beyond repair and requires replacement by an OEM rim. Bent rims can be repaired and a crack near the center can be sent to a mechanic who can weld it back together. Fixing a crack can take very expert work, and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone. Aftermarket or imitation wheels can be cheaper so they will fold more easily under the pressure of the road. They will also be less reliable when repaired. An OEM Rim more durable to prevent any cracks.

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