What To Do Before Selling Your Car

Selling your old car is hard. You grow attached to it since you use it practically every day. You’ve traveled near and far, whether it was for school, work, vacation, or daily trips to the store. While we may love our car, there comes a day when we have to part ways with it. Maybe you fell in love with a newer model with more features, or perhaps your moving and getting a company car. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll have to give your car up to someone else. 

Without the proper knowledge, selling your car can be very difficult. It’s hard to know where to start, especially without the proper guidance. It’s unclear what you should be doing from the get-go to get the most money from the sale. Should you clean the car? Sell it online or to a dealer? Replace the worn down rims with OEM wheels? So many questions arise, leading to so many more headaches. Knowing what to do before selling your car is key to getting the largest possible amount for the vehicle. 

What To Do

  • Know The Car’s Value
  • Get Documentation In Order
  • Make Sure The Car Is Ready
  • Know Where To Advertise

Know The Car’s Value

Before you ever put your car up for sale, you should be well aware of the market value. Cars heavily depreciate the moment they roll off the dealership. As the years go by, your car’s value plummets as new models with new integrated features are rolled out. Your car may have aftermarket parts, dents and scratches, a history of maintenance, and other situations which separate it from the original MSRP. It’s important to gauge what the bottom asking price may be considering what local dealerships are charging, as well as what online databases consider to be the national average. Averaging out these price tags can give you an accurate range of what you should be charging for your vehicle. 

Get Documentation In Order

Once you’ve decided on a price, it’s time to get all the paperwork together. This is extremely important, as you want there to no problems pending when you hand the keys over. The documents to have prepared when it comes time for the exchange of keys are the car title, the bill of sale, release of liability, and all maintenance records. With these documents in hand, you can rest easy knowing that once the car is sold, there won’t be anything that could come to haunt you. 

Make Sure The Car Is Ready

As you’re trying to sell a car to another person, it should be important to have the car cleaned better than ever before. Clean cars come off as well maintained, and make them far more attractive to potential customers. Car owners should also make sure any repairs and replacements that need to make are completed. Replace broken parts with newer OEM parts, and ensure that nothing is missing. Even having the proper maintenance and user manual booklets can set your car apart from others are market.

Know How To Advertise

Know when and where to advertise your vehicle can be the difference between selling it right away and getting stuck with it for months. Online platforms such as Facebook and Craigslist can be great places to sell your car, but can potentially leave the door open for illegitimate offers. When creating an ad for your car, make sure to mention the make, model, and year, as well as the mileage, history of accidents, number of owners, and any modifications or repairs made on the car. Mention any OEM parts that may have been added to the vehicle. You want to be as transparent as possible, while also conveying the message that people looking for a car should pick yours over the competition. Also, posting at the right time can be a huge boost to who pays attention to your ad. Convertibles and sports cars typically sell better in the Summer, while trucks are sold year round.

OEM Parts And Wheels

If you’re trying to sell your car and need some finishing touches to set it above the competition, contact OEM Wheels Direct. We offer a wide range of OEM wheels, as well as OEM parts for your entire car. Visit us today to view our entire catalog of products available. If you’re selling your car and want to stick out above other used cars, visit OEM Wheels Direct.

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