What Are OEM Rims?

What Are OEM Rims?

OEM rims is a term that’s often used interchangeably with that of OEM wheels. But is there any difference? And what exactly are OEM rims?

To understand these questions we first need to determine what’s meant by the term, OEM.

Defining the Difference: OEM Rims, Wheels, & the Meaning of OEM

·      What does OEM mean?

·      What are OEM rims and are they different from OEM wheels?

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It's a term that’s not only applied to vehicles—it’s used in many industries. It’s basic meaning is a part that’s been produced to be identical to the part it’s replacing. It’s made either by the original manufacturer or an external supplier with support from the original manufacturer.

They are not simple replicas (or what’s often termed as aftermarket). These are often inferior copies and are not made to the exacting standards and quality control that OEM parts are subjected to.

What are OEM rims and are they different from OEM wheels?

So now that we understand what OEM means, let’s talk about the difference between OEM rims and OEM wheels.

This gets a little complicated because the words “rim” and “wheel” are often used to mean the same thing. But if we’re being accurate, a rim is only a component of the wheel—the element that you see when a tire has been mounted onto it.

While this is the accurate terminology of what a rim is, when most people use the term alloy rims they’re referring to the whole wheel. It tends to be used to describe wheels that are used to make a car more aesthetically pleasing, and therefore ones seen on higher-end cars or those that’ve been souped-up.

Advantages of OEM rims 

·      Looks, safety, integrity, and more

·      Where to purchase OEM rims

Looks, safety, integrity, and more

When the need comes to replace wheels it’s crucial to ensure that they not only look great but that they’re up to the job as well. OEM rims not only fit the wheel hubs to perfection, but they work in harmony with the vehicle’s safety system.

There’s not a car on the market today that doesn’t have advanced electronics that adapt stability, braking, performance, and more as the car’s being driven. It’s essential the sensors that allow for this communicate seamlessly with the wheels. Only manufacturer-made or OEM wheels guarantee this.

Performance is also highly impacted by the quality of the wheels. Being as OEM rims are often fitted to cars of quality and prestige the integrity of the handling of the car must be nothing less than impeccable. OEM rims have gone through a multitude of safety checks and conform or exceed the expectations that the car demands.

Where to purchase OEM rims

While your local car dealership will happily supply you with OEM rims, other options that are far more friendly on your bank balance. Purchasing online is by far the easiest method, with shipping to your door or a chosen location where you can then have the wheels fitted.

OEM Wheels Direct: Where savvy car owners purchase their rims and tires

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