Should You Get Your Wheel Repaired Or Replaced?

Accidents to your car wheels can occur at any time, ranging from simple scuffing of an alloy to a catastrophic event that requires a total wheel replacement.

To fully understand the implications that determine whether you need a new wheel or if a simple repair will suffice, it’s first necessary to understand the components of the wheel.

  1. The tire is not the wheel. Many low impact issues that cause tire damage will not require a wheel replacement, although a repair may be needed.

  2. The term “rim” is not the whole wheel. It’s the most outward edge of the wheel, and minor damage to this region alone may, again, only warrant a simple repair.

  3. The rest of the wheel is made up of parts such as the center bore, center cap, spokes, and the barrel. Damage to these parts or a combination of them often necessitates a wheel replacement.

When a wheel is damaged it’s usual to be aware that a problem has occurred. You might hit a pothole, curb, or other obstruction. Whatever it is, if it happens when driving you’ll know about it (and probably let out a loud expletive in the process…). Another eventuality is the inevitable scuffing of a wheel as you try to parallel park. Infuriating, yes—but unlikely to set you back the price of a new wheel.

Signs That You Need A New Wheel

These include visible issues and problems that you can feel when driving.

  • An obvious crack to any part of the structure of the wheel

  • Significant damage to the rim

  • A visibly bent wheel

  • Vibration when driving

  • The vehicle pulling to one side when driving

All of these aspects are symptoms of a serious problem with a wheel, making it imperative not to drive until the problem is solved. In most cases, this will be a replacement wheel. If you’re at all unsure then the only course of action is to seek the advice of an auto mechanic.

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