Reconditioned Wheels

Reconditioned Wheels

The process of reconditioning wheels refers to restoring a used wheel to as-new condition. You can purchase a reconditioned wheel much more inexpensively than the same Brand New wheel. In some cases, especially with high end brands the savings could be up to 50%. 

Other nomenclatures used for reconditioned wheels is refurbished and or remanufactured. Reconditioning your wheel is a good option especially if your vehicle is an older or unique model. As procuring a new wheel may no longer be available and or very expensive. A brand new wheel does not necessarily exceed the performance of the same wheel reconditioned. 

Some customers are concerned with a wheel that offers like-new performance and aesthetics at a lower price. It is untrue that a wheel that has been reconditioned for cosmetic imperfections will fail because it was repaired. If the process is done by a trained professional your wheel will match the original finish. If the reconditioning is not done correctly the wheel could be off by a shade or two in color-match. Dealers and body shops are known to provide their customers with misinformation advising them that driving reconditioned wheels is dangerous, so that their customers purchase Brand New wheels from them at their higher prices. 

In order to repair a curbed wheel, the dirt, paint and protective finish must be removed. The damaged area should be sanded down and if needed patched with filler; then buffed to a smooth finish; which will remove any remaining scratches. 

These safe wheel repairs involve cosmetic sanding and refinishing processes that remove and replace only paint coatings.

Unsafe wheel repairs include the addition or removal of any metal to a wheel. This may change the shape or size of the wheel and cause steering or suspension problems that could potentially cause catastrophic failure. Wheels that have been cracked are not safely repairable.

Some vendors sell wheels that have been structurally damaged in an accident and then recondition them. If a wheel was damaged structurally and then reconditioned it could result in failure.

There is a difference amongst wheel reconditioners. This process is part of a science and part of an art. There is also a significant variance among those that perform this craft and our reputation speaks for itself.

There are some reconditioners in the marketplace that perform subpar work. It is important to do your research to ensure that your refurbished wheel has been restored to as new condition for cosmetic and not structural issues. As such, we recommend that you check a sellers reputation to ensure they are not selling you fixed previously structurally damaged wheels for your safety. 

We only recondition wheels for minor cosmetic imperfections, as our valued customers enjoy perfect Factory wheels; we do not recondition wheels due to structural issues.  

Wheels Direct does not sell any wheels with imperfections that render the wheel unreliable. We test every wheel that we sell to ensure that the performance of the wheel meets and or exceeds the standards of the manufacturer. 

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