OEM Wheels Vs Aftermarket: What’s The Difference

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There will come a time when a car owner will need to replace parts, such as wheels, on their vehicle. A consumer typically has two replacement options: OEM or aftermarket.

OEM Factory Wheels

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM products refer to any car part that is originally equipped on a vehicle when it is made in an automobile manufacturer’s factory. An OEM replacement wheel will essentially be identical to the wheel it is replacing.

Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket products are made by independent manufacturers and not by the original automobile manufacturer. These parts are also not created specifically for a vehicle by another company. An aftermarket replacement wheel is made to fit multiple vehicles and can greatly differ from the wheel it is replacing.

The Difference

Companies manufacture OEM factory wheels for a specific vehicle under strict specifications from the original car manufacturer. By keeping the original parts, OEM wheels help to ensure the value of a vehicle. They may also better suit a vehicle than aftermarket wheels since they were specifically designed and chosen for a certain car make and model.

Car manufacturers also tend to have higher standards for their OEM wheels than aftermarket market wheel makers. The value of a car may decrease if someone replaces their OEM wheels with aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket wheels may also not look right for a particular vehicle since the design of the wheel may not complement the design of the car.

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