Not All Reproduction Wheels Are Created Equal

Not All Reproduction Wheels Are Created Equal

Not all replication wheels are made the same. However, we strive that all of ours are an exact OEM match made to the exact OEM specifications, and sometimes even better. 

When we compare our replication wheels to any other seller – we strive to meet or exceed OEM Factory specifications.  Most of our competition is only interested in price. Their wheels are lighter to save material at the expense of correct design (and possibly safety). 

Some replication wheels can leak air and break when hitting a pothole and emergency braking. A good quality reproduction wheel will not be inexpensive but it will be less so than the factory counterpart wheel. 

Our brand new first quality replacement wheels are made to the same specifications as the Factory Counterpart wheels, and are subjected to the same testing as the Factory wheels without the Factory pricing. 

When we have replication wheels made, we provide our manufacturer a Factory OEM sample wheel. The manufacturer uses the sample to make a mold of the wheel in order to create an exact OEM replication. We sell many of these Brand New First Quality wheels to very satisfied customers. 

We also make several replication wheels that are actually made better than the OEM Factory counterpart. One example of this is our Cadillac Escalade 5309 Wheel, OEM Factory manufacturer part number: 88967402


How can we make such a claim?  Here’s how: The original wheel from Cadillac is made strictly to a (limited) price point. GM has had its financial challenges these past few years and have been squeezing value (and quality) wherever possible, including original OEM Cadillac Escalade 22″ wheels.  The reason why we sell these wheels in large volume is most likely because one of our customer’s wheel is bent or even cracked. How did that happen? Because the original OEM Escalade 22″ wheels in this style are among the LOWEST quality wheels we have ever seen, that’s how that (usually) minor incident can ruin our valued customer’s wheel.  So why does the Cadillac dealer get over $1300 for this wheel at his parts counter? Because there are 5 or even 6 layers of profit between the particular factory where the wheel was made, and the local dealer’s parts counter.

That all being said, we have been making OUR wheel in this same exact design for 4 years now, to a HIGHER Quality standard. We have easily sold several thousand and have yet to hear one quality complaint. Not only is the chrome as-good or better than the OEM wheel, but the wheel also does NOT bend nor crack nearly as-easily. We haven’t had one single quality issue yet. And because you are dealing with the manufacturer – well, you can see the great value.

Better Than OEM And At A Great Price. It’s That Simple. 

Trust the largest seller of High-End Factory and Reproduction wheels on eBay and our very considerable reputation that we have earned via listing accuracy and honest business practices, since 1999.

We recommend that you do your due diligence and research the aftermarket seller prior to purchasing replication wheels from them. Again not all replication wheels are created equal but wheels from a trusted seller are safe.

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