How To Remove The Wheels From Your Car

Knowing how to remove a wheel from a car is an important skill that all drivers should learn. A flat tire, rotating the tires for maintenance, installing factory wheels… The reasons for doing so are many, and knowing the correct method of removing a wheel ensures you do it safely and without damage.

The following are the steps involved:

1. Gather your tools

The right equipment is essential and consists of:

  • A hydraulic floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Ratchet with sockets (or tire iron)
  • Torque wrench
  • Wheel chocks

2. Ensure the car’s on a level surface

Even if you’ve had a puncture on-route you can slowly maneuver the vehicle to a flat, level surface at the side of the road.

Don’t forget to apply the parking brake!

3. Chock the wheels

Place the wheel chocks around the tires that are going to stay on the ground. In other words, if you’re changing a front wheel, then chock both of the rear ones and vice versa.

4. Loosen the wheel lugs

To do this you use the tire iron or ratchet and socket. Loosen all of the lugs by a ¼ turn. If they won’t move due to corrosion then apply some lubricant, wait until it penetrates, and then try again.

5. Jack up the vehicle

Place the jack under the vehicle at the recommended lift point. This should be listed in the car user manual. Use the jack arm to raise the vehicle until the tire you wish to remove is completely off the ground.

6. Put the jack stand in place

Place the stand underneath the jack point (again, this will be detailed in the car’s manual) and lower using the jack until the car is resting on it. Be aware that it’s only safe to jack up one corner of the vehicle at a time. So if you wish to remove more than one wheel you’ll have to carry out the procedure multiple times.

7. Remove the wheel lugs completely

Using a tire wrench tool remove these completely. This should be easy as you’ve already loosened them in step 3 above.

8. Remove wheel and tire

Now you can completely remove the wheel from the vehicle. Be aware that it’s quite heavy. On occasion, it can be a little difficult to remove because of corrosion. If this happens then use a mallet and hit the back of the wheel (not too hard) until it loosens. But take care not to hit the tire itself, as it’ll bounce off the rubber and could cause injury.

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