How To Deal With A Nail In Your Tire

How To Deal With A Nail In Your Tire

There’s not much you can do to prevent a nail in your tire. You can be the most experienced, safest driver in the world, and you one day you drive over a nail, and it gets stuck in your tire. Sometimes you may only notice a nail in your tire after it’s caused a considerable amount of air to leak from your tire, and significant damage has been caused.

In some cases, though a nail in your tire doesn’t mean it’s flat. The nail can be short enough that it doesn’t even penetrate through the tires airtight lining. So what do you do if you come across a nail in your tire?

Check Your Tire Pressure

You should keep a tire gauge in your car. If you come across a nail in your car, then the first thing you’ll want to do is check your tire pressure. If you notice that your tire pressure is significantly lower than it should be, then you’ll want to put your spare tire on. 

You can then get the tire with the nail in it replaced or repaired. If you notice that the tire pressure is only slightly low, then you can get it topped up accordingly. 

Remove the Nail 

The first thing you’ll need is a tire repair kit for your car that you can use to patch up any holes in your tire; you can find these kits in most auto shops and car outfitters. You’ll also need a pair of pliers. 

Use the pliers to pull the nail out of the tire, if the nail is wedged in deep then it may take a bit of effort to get out. You can also use a screwdriver or any other sharp pointy tool to dig out the tire around the nail. 

You may already notice that the tire is flat, and depending on how flat it is will determine whether you need to get the tire replaced. Sometimes it’s just a simple procedure of patching the tire up and being on your way.

Get Professional Help

If you notice that you have a nail in your tire, then don’t panic, you may well be able to determine on your own whether you need to replace the tire or not.

If you’re unsure whether your tire needs replacing or not, then it’s worth getting a professional opinion. There’s no point driving a car around that is potentially unsafe. A tire can lose air quickly so if your in any doubt about whether your tire needs to be replaced then make sure to get sorted as quickly as possible.

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