How to Remove Rolls Royce Center Cap?

The tiny metal or plastic disk that sits in the center of a wheel is a center cap. We also call center caps as hub caps or wheel caps. In the past, many considered center caps as merely car accessories. Today, they are both a decorative and functional part of a vehicle.

There are different types of center caps. Some are generic, while others are brand-specific. A Rolls Royce wheel cap, for example, bears the brand's insignia. A Volkswagen wheel cap also displays its VW logo. You can take both universal or branded wheel caps out and snap them back into place.

What Is the Purpose of a Center Cap?

The center bore is a hole in the middle of most wheels. This hole ensures the alignment of the wheel with the hub. It also helps decrease wheel vibration. The center cap safeguards the center bore. Without the cap, the spindle nut is visible. When this happens, the wheel bearing's only protection is its seal.

Your wheels are constantly exposed to road debris, moisture, and other impurities. These contaminants can damage the spindle nut and wheel bearing. Over time, the spindle nut may rust, and the nut deteriorates. A center cap prevents this from happening.

Some hub caps are big enough to cover all lug nuts on a wheel. They also protect the lug nuts from the elements. Wheel removal and installation are significantly easier with clean nuts and bearings.

What Are the Different Types of Wheel Caps?

Wheel Center Cap

This is the most common hub cap. Wheel caps are standard on newer vehicles with aluminum wheels. They are named such because they mainly cover the center of a wheel. They are also small in diameter.

Styled Center Caps

Styled center caps are typically fully flushed with the rest of the rim. They completely cover the lug nuts when you snap the caps into place. They are considerably larger than wheel center caps and are incorporated into the wheel’s design. 

Traditional Center Cups

You can see the third type of hub cap on older American vehicles. Traditional center caps do not rest flush with the wheel but cover the entire area. They also look basic.

What Happens if a Center Cap Comes Off?

In most cases, center caps will last the life of the wheel. Sometimes, they come off due to a faulty installation after a car overhaul or a tire rotation. When this happens, your vehicle is at risk.

How Do You Remove Rolls Royce Center Caps?

The name Rolls Royce is synonymous with grandeur. As a result, even the Rolls Royce center caps are elegant and visually appealing. A weighted anti-spinner guarantees that the "RR" is always upright. But even luxury brands like Royce Rolls require maintenance. Part of the upkeep is removing the Royce Rolls wheel cap. But how can you do it without causing damage to your wheels?

The latest Rolls Royce center caps are distinct from previous Phantoms. If you have an earlier model, you should:

  • Use the spring-loaded center to push in the center of the cap gently. If you do this correctly, you can remove the cap easily.

If you have a newer model, remove the cap using a suction cup. Make sure there is adequate moisture for solid suction.

  • Place the suction cup in the center of the hub cap. There is a chance of damage when the cup is off-center.

  • Pull the cap gently.

Using a small screwdriver to remove the wheel caps is a good alternative for other vehicles. This is applicable mainly for styled center caps that cover lug nuts. With a flat head screwdriver, you can slowly pry the cap up and away from the wheel.

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