How Electric Vehicle Wheels Differ from Your Regular Wheels

How Electric Vehicle Wheels Differ from Your Regular Wheels

Electric-powered cars are becoming less fictional every day as we see more of them riding through city streets. From aerodynamics, energy efficiency, and the power source, electric vehicles (EVs) transformed the composition of the automobile. This begs the question: have the wheels changed? How do electric vehicle wheels differ from conventional wheels?

Electric Vehicle Wheels and Weight

Electric vehicles carry several heavy batteries to power them for miles. These lower engine noise and energy costs by significant amounts. However, heavy batteries also mean added weight on the car. An electric vehicle can weigh around 30% more than an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

EV wheels are specially engineered to withstand the heavy weight of EVs, without compromising on performance. A conventional set of wheels will wear down quickly after several long drives. To make the most out of a long road trip on an EV, electric vehicle wheels are a must-have.

EV Wheels and Rolling Resistance

Road conditions affect how much energy a moving car consumes. In the case of EVs, lower rolling resistance translates to better energy efficiency and performance. 

EV tires are designed so as to create as low friction as possible for a smooth driving experience and reduced energy consumption. You may spot differences in design and make between EV and ICE wheels. Whereas ICE wheels sport bigger grooves, EV tires have smaller, lesser grooves for more contact with the ground.

EV Wheels and Instant Torque

EVs outperform conventional vehicles in torque. The second you step on the gas pedal, the car will accelerate in an instant. Wheels must have high resistance to wear and tear for better handling.

EV wheels sport different rib patterns for a stronger grip on the road while steering or braking. On an EV, a set of ICE wheels tend to lag behind during sharp turns and brakes, hindering the vehicle’s potential.

EV Wheels and Low Noise

Electric vehicles boast of low engine noise, so sounds inside the cabin are more distinct and easier to pick up. Wheels are no exception in striving for a silent drive out of town. 

EV wheels are crafted so as to reduce noise as much as possible, on any and all terrains. Some EV wheels have their interior lined up with foam to dampen the noise.

EV Wheels and Braking Performance

The increased weight on an EV impacts its braking distance. Fortunately, a good set of wheels can address this area of concern. EV wheels are made out of special rubber compounds to improve their durability and longevity. Thus, EV wheels have a stronger grip on the road, minimizing slippage and shortening the braking distance.

EV Wheels vs. ICE Wheels: Which Is Better on an Electric Vehicle?

Wheels make all the difference in your driving experience. Electric vehicles may demand more from wheel performance to deliver their greatest potential out on the road. Different wheel designs are available on the aftermarket, so which set of wheels should you get for your electric vehicle?

Electric vehicle wheels are engineered to withstand the heavy weight of an electric-powered car. As EVs boast instant acceleration, EV wheels must have a better grip on the ground to reduce cases of slipping off-track.

EV wheels also adopt low-noise technology or features to reduce noise as much as possible. Rubber compounds that are far more resistant to wear and tear constitute the raw materials of EV wheels, increasing their durability and extending their lifetime.

The distinct features of electric vehicle wheels by no means downplay the capacities of ICE wheels. However, in order for an electric vehicle to perform at its optimal state, a proper set of wheels is fundamental. 

ICE wheels can fit and roll on an EV, but they may have to overexert effort to support the vehicle. On the other hand, EV wheels are engineered to cater to the features and functions of an EV, transforming your driving experience for miles ahead. 

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