What Are The Best Rims for Cadillac Escalades?

Let’s face it. The Cadillac Escalade is a pretty fine piece of machinery. From top to bottom this US-made delight is a statement vehicle that deserves your full care and attention. Of course, this also includes the wheels.  

So… What are the best rims for the Cadillac Escalade? To truly answer this question it’s necessary to delve a little into the backstory of General Motors (the maker of the Escalade) and the challenges the company has faced over the last few years.

GM and Cadillac Escalade Rims in Recent Years

·      GM’s challenges

·      What this meant for Cadillac Escalade rims

GM’s challenges

It’s no secret that the company has (and still is) experienced some challenging times over recent years. Factory closures and redundancies have been widespread over recent years, and the need to reduce costs has led to the lowering of standards of various car parts. One area where this has been particularly stringent is that of their vehicles’ wheels.

What this meant for Cadillac Escalade rims

Quite simply, the factory originals of Cadillac Escalade rims fitted to new vehicles produced from 2007 onwards have been among the lowest quality ever produced. The amount of bent and cracked wheels that need to be replaced are tantamount to this fact—yet when you purchase genuine replacement wheels (of the same low quality) they still come in at an eye-watering $1300+ at dealer part counters!

Of course, if you purchase the same poorly manufactured wheel then the chances of damage are the same, leaving you out of pocket yet again when the inevitable replacement comes to pass at some point down the line.

Replacing Cadillac Escalade Rims with an Identical Superior Quality Option

·      Factory GM spec

Factory GM spec

Thankfully, there is an answer. Because there are identical factory wheels to purchase that are of better quality than the original. Not only that, but they also fit the original center wheel cap, meaning that no-one will ever know your vehicle isn’t sporting the original wheels on which it rolled out of the factory.

The key point is that it makes no sense to replace a sub-standard wheel with another of the same poor quality. The “boots” represent a big investment for your car, and the last thing any owner wants is to spend large sums of money on what they hope are the best rims for their Cadillac Escalade only to have to replace them yet again in the future.

OEM Wheels Direct Manufacture the Best Rims for the Cadillac Escalade 

For the last two years, nationwide supplier, OEM Wheels Direct, has been making wheels for the Cadillac Escalade that are the exact design as the originals. The difference is that they are produced to a far higher quality standard—and they’re cheaper too!

To coin a phrase, the proof is in the pudding… Wheels Direct has sold thousands of these wheels since they started making them two years ago, and in that time there’s not been a single quality issue.

Not only that but because you’re purchasing directly from the manufacturer the price doesn’t have to take into account profits for each reseller, meaning you save money too.

The wheel fits Cadillac Escalade models from 2010-2014, and also those from 2007-2009 (with a change of center cap that the company also supply). With overnight delivery included in the price, these wheels are purchased by individuals and body shops country-wide to replace damaged factory originals.

To get the lowdown on what’s really the best rims for Cadillac Escalades, visit now, and join the savviest of car owners and garages who rely on OEM Wheels Direct for everything wheel-related for every vehicle on the road today.

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