Are Wheel Center Caps Universal?

There are plenty of wheel center caps that claim to be universal, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Even those that are advertised as such will then have further details about the size of wheels that they’ll fit. This is the cause of much confusion for those looking to replace a single cap that’s been lost or if you want to change a whole set to freshen up the wheels of your ride. The following explains everything you need to know about replacing wheel center caps

How to Determine the Size of a Wheel Center Cap 

·      Model numbers

·      Wheel dimensions

Model numbers

Wheel center caps come stamped with a model number on the reverse, or in some cases, they might have a sticker. This is the easiest method by which to determine the size you need to fit your particular wheels. 

Wheel dimensions

If you don’t have a model number the other option is the measure the dimensions. You can either measure this on the wheel itself or the original center cap.

Factory Fit Center Caps 

·      Original wheels

Original wheels

Manufacturer factory fit center caps, especially from car models that are discontinued, can be challenging to find, not to mention expensive. However, it is possible to find solutions that will fit the style and specification of your wheel/vehicle, such as retailers who sell unused and pre-used stock.

Installation and Maintenance

·      Installing new center caps

·      Maintenance of center caps

Installing new center caps

In many cases center caps can be simply ‘snapped’ into place. If the old ones are troublesome to remove you might want to uses a clear silicone-based adhesive around the outside of the tabs when installing the new one.

For those that are held in place by a screw (or screws) then take care not to overtighten, as this can cause damage or break the cap. Only screw down until the head of the screw comes into contact with the surface of the cap.

Be aware that if you need to remove the wheel to change the center cap then they will need re-torquing once back in place. This should be carried out by a professional source. 

Maintenance of center caps

The key to good center cap maintenance is to clean them regularly (along with the rest of the wheel) and, in some cases, to protect with wax. However, it’s not recommended to use wax on matt or satin finish wheels.

OEM Wheels Direct for Genuine Manufacturer Produced Wheel Center Caps

Global distributor, OEM Wheels Direct, is the largest provider of everything wheel-related in the USA. Their wide reach allows them to secure many different wheel center caps for original wheels of all makes and models. One example is that of genuine GM Cadillac wheel center caps, with a stock of liquidated Escalade 22-inch wheels that are brand new and in their original packaging, direct from the factory.  These cover the lug nuts and fit three different wheel styles:

·      Escalade 7-spoke optional 22” wheel

·      Escalade “Platinum” Edition

·      Escalade “Premium” Edition

These genuine wheel center caps are sent out by next day delivery and are available in single units or sets of four. Visit OEM Wheels Direct to find out more about the GM Cadillac wheel center caps, as well as many others for alternative car makes and models.

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