Are All Cadillacs Rear Wheel Drive?

Are All Cadillacs Rear Wheel Drive?

Ever wonder why many car enthusiasts search for OEM Cadillac wheels to upgrade vintage models? 

From the time it was launched by General Motors in the beginning of the 1900s, Cadillac remains in its top-tier luxury division as a premium car brand. While Fords came out in black, Cadillac differentiated themselves by offering several color options, including flashy ones like Chateau Mauve and Regency Bronze. Cadillac was also the first to manufacture interchangeable parts, laying the ground for mass production in the automotive industry, and it’s the first brand to release passenger cars with fully enclosed cabins and electronic self-starters. By mid-century, it had become a status symbol with among the most modern features in their car models.

In the late 1900s, it dipped in popularity due to the influx of foreign brands. However, it still continued to produce high-quality cars with top-level technology that include their self-driving Super cruise system. Of course, it’s still well-known for its signature V-type engines.

So don’t be surprised if you have a friend who’s going gaga looking for the best 22-inch OEM Cadillac wheels for his Escalade. If you’re new to the Cadillac fever though, you might be asking yourself the following questions.

Are All Cadillacs Rear Wheel Drive?

The quick answer is no.

While most Fleetwood models are rear wheel drives, Cadillacs also come in front wheel drives and all wheel drives. 

The standard model of CTS, a midsize luxury sedan, is a 2.0-L 268-hp RWD but its luxury and premium luxury versions are AWD. It’s the same with Cadillac’s full-sized SUV, the Escalade, with both RWD and AWD units. Other models that come in either RWD or AWD include the sporty compact ATS coupe with a 2.0-L 272-hp engine, the entry level CT4-V sedan with 2.7-L 320-hp engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, and the midsize CT5 sedan with 3.0-L 335-hp twin-turbo engine.

The full-size luxury sedans in the CT6 line are all AWDs. These include the 3.0L V6 twin turbo engine and the 4.2L Blackwing V8 with a powerful 500-hp motor. XT models are also mostly AWD, but some are FWD. Those that can be either include the compact crossover XT4, the midsize XT5 SUV, and the midsize crossover XT6.

Of course, Cadillac also has several models with front wheel drives. These are mostly older models and those considered entry-level units. Among its most popular FWDs is the 5th gen Cadillac Seville, released from 1998 to 2004. This midsize luxury sedan with a powerful engine rivalled the Mercedes Benz E-Class. Then there’s the 1989 DeVille with its signature V8 engine, and the compact executive Cadillac BLS which also had front wheel drive but was not made available in North America.

Newer models that feature FWDs include the Cadillac DTS sedan, the entry-level unit of XT4 crossover, and the standard model of the full-size XTS sedan.

RWD, AWD, FWD: Which one is best?

Choosing the best type of drivetrain is a long-standing topic in debates among car enthusiasts, so perhaps it really isn’t about choosing the best one but instead choosing the one that best fits your driving needs.

A rear wheel drive will accelerate faster than an FWD, which tends to lose traction in higher speeds. However, an FWD is usually more affordable, easier to maintain, and has better fuel economy. AWDs on the other hand provide more flexibility in different driving conditions. Which one you choose should depend on where you’ll be driving and how you prefer to drive.

Cruise in Your New Wheels

Some hobbyists consider converting or upgrading their Cadillacs. Changing a vintage Cadillac Seville to an RWD can be a crazy and daunting task but it isn’t impossible. Of course, you’d have to be—or have a friend who is—on a different level to set out on such a monumental project. Whether you will be undertaking this challenge yourself or are simply looking to upgrade your Escalade, make sure you get your OEM Cadillac wheels and other parts only from a reputable shop such as OEM Wheels Direct.

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